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SMTIO Modules

Here is our growing line-up of control modules that are used in creating our innovative, network agnostic, distributed control system.

Module Name Module Type Network Interface Availability
SMTIO-DI-XX-ETH Digital Input Ethernet In Stock
SMTIO-DI-XX-ZBE Digital Input Zigbee Wireless In Stock
SMTIO-DI-XX-485 Digital Input RS-485 In Stock
SMTIO-DO-XX-ETH Digital Output Ethernet In Stock
SMTIO-DO-XX-ZBE Digital Output Zigbee Wireless In Stock
SMTIO-DO-XX-485 Digital Output RS-485 In Stock
SMTIO-AI-XX-ETH Analog Input Ethernet In Stock
SMTIO-AI-XX-ZBE Analog Input Zigbee Wireless In Stock
SMTIO-AI-XX-485 Analog Input RS-485 In Stock
SMTIO-AO-XX-ETH Analog Output Ethernet In Stock
SMTIO-AO-XX-ZBE Analog Output Zigbee Wireless In Stock
SMTIO-AO-XX-485 Analog Output RS-485 In Stock
SMTIO-ETH-ZBE-CTL Subnet Controller Ethernet to Zigbee In Stock
SMTIO-USB-ZBE-CTL Subnet Controller USB to Zigbee Q4 2012
SMTIO-485-ZBE-CTL Subnet Controller RS-485 to Zigbee In Stock
SMTIO-ETH-485-CTL Subnet Controller Ethernet to RS-485 In Stock