Executive Engineering Services

Sirius Microtech, deriving from its years of experience in Project Management, Strategic Goal setting, Market analysis, Production planning and Resource planning have perfected our holistic approach to industry problems. We help our clients in establishing these standard practices to lead them into launching successful products. We have in the past have helped our clients in streamlining their whole operations with our Executive Engineering Services.

In this service, we depute a manager that is a one point contact for the client. This manager, from the date of inception of the project, takes responsibility of all the project work and are answerable to high level stake holders in client organization, providing them detailed information on the project. This manager generally monitors the work of other team members, engineers and assistant engineers and guides them whenever necessary. This manager is usually a great technical asset to the project as well. This manager oversees at all the details about the project and interact with the clients informing them about the project status. He/she effectively manage time and are responsible for timely delivery of projects.

She/he maintains detail reports of all the tasks undertaken while completing the project and document and present them before the high level stake holders of client organization. He/she pays proper attention to each and every process of project completion and guide work accordingly while also manage budgets for the project, thus making it cost effective.

She/he also finds, qualifies, hires required team members for the project and conducts training sessions if necessary for the team to be proficient to achieve the target goals of the project. This person is fully responsible for updating and working with the project management software that tracks progress of the project.

This service relieves the client from worrying on the day to day details of the project execution and lets the client concentrate on their core competencies.