IoT Enablement

IoT (Internet of Things) has become a buzz word. IDC, Gartner and others predict that IoT market is going to be growing in the coming years to be somewhere in Trillions of dollars. But IoT product development is a multi-disciplinary team effort involving Hardware, Firmware, Software, Network, Database, Cloud computing, Web applications development and Mobile apps development among others. At the same time we hear enterprise networks brought down by hackers who gained access through a compromised sensor in a fish tank. Businesses that can profit by bringing their products to IoT are hesitant and are losing out.

We at Sirius have been helping our clients bring out secure IoT products since 2013. With this experience, we have rolled up a Rapid IoT Product development platform that eases out all the pains in developing a Secure IoT product and introduced IoT Wizards. We sell hardware modules with cryptographic security, along with subscription based cloud services that can rapidly turn any product into a secure IoT product.

Here is the list of IoT products that Sirius has brought out since 2013 –

  • Commercial Media Box with cloud scheduler
  • IoT Tabletop Water filter
  • Bilge Pump Montior over Cellular networks
  • Location mapping of groups with no network infrastructure
  • Location mapping of groups with Cellular networks
  • Rapid IoT application development hardware platform with rules processing engine
  • Industrial IoT modules for Automation and controls